My work consists of the fragmented figure. I build sculptures by interchanging selected cast bronze fragments of the figure with blocks of stone. The stones add a gestural force, along with spatial alignment, that tie the fragments together. Because the sculptures are constructed with the incomplete figure, they involve the viewer by giving them the opportunity to participate in visually connecting the segments in a way that is understandable to them. Most people, whether consciously or subconsciously, have the desire to put pieces of information together in such a way that life becomes meaningful.

I try not to impose any particular meaning on the viewer, but rather try to develop layers or suggestions of possible meaning. This leaves greater room for the viewer to interject their own associations. People bring to the pieces their own experiences and understanding of life and this permits them to interpret the work with their own connections and conclusions.

I believe I am drawn, in part, to the use of intentional fragmentation of the figure as a result of my interest in the sculptural ruins of antiquity. I am also fascinated by the human ability to develop meaning through the arrangement of fragments of information. It is through this assimilation which we construct our reality. Associated with this idea is my interest in the dual nature of the fragment and the whole. A fragment in and of itself could be considered a whole. The seemingly whole could also be considered a fragment or a part of something bigger. My sculptures can be seen either way depending on one’s point of view.

Process in making sculpture is important and satisfying to me. Leaving visual hints of the process in my work give the pieces another avenue of interest for the viewer. The ability to control the medium is important, yet at the same time I want to allow the material to assert itself. One of my most engaging challenges is finding an intuitive balance between the two.

It is my desire to create sculptures that are contemplative in nature; a stimulus in the mind of the viewer toward deeper personal meaning.

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